Ladies, let’s face it: Gravity is not our friend. In time, it seems inevitable that parts of your body will start to sag; whether it is your stomach, your behind, or your breasts. As you get older, your body weakens and in turn, gravity sets in. A woman’s breasts make her feel ladylike and feminine. 

No woman wants to endure having her breasts sag or become smaller in time. Believe it or not, there are ways you can prevent your breasts from sagging and also increase breast size at the same time! 

Step number 1: Stay healthy and fit.
Breasts aren’t made up of muscles. Instead, they are made up of tissue and fat. Now, do not be worried by the word “fat”. Fat in your breasts is what makes them the size they are. Just as with any part of your body though, if it is not exercised, it will start to sag. You do have muscles underneath your breast tissue, so exercising that area will do wonders to keep you perky and firm. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routinely to increase breast size.
Step number 2: Make sure you are wearing the right size bra to help increase breast size.
Bras are engineered to support “the girls” and prevent the elasticity in
your breasts from fading away. It is a good idea to get measured at least once a
year to make sure your bra size is the right size. Wearing bras too tightly can
actually harm them. Also be prepared to wear sports bras or bras with extreme
support when you are exercising in any way. Think about it, if you are going for
a run, your breasts will be moving up and down. If your bra is not supporting
them, your breasts will undergo serious strain and in turn can damage the

Step number 3: Massage your breasts frequently.
Just like with muscles, massaging can increase blood flow and retain
elasticity. Try massaging in upward strokes using vitamin E and flaxseed oil.
This is especially important if you are breast feeding or recently had a baby.
Massaging your breasts helps stimulate breast tissue growth, which can increase
breast size.

Step number 4: Do exercises that will strengthen the area around your breasts.
Exercise is great for the breast area. Do some push ups and use dumb bells
to work the muscles in that area.  These exercises strengthen your breast
tissue, therefore causing your breasts to be more firm. With stronger breasts
come bigger breasts and tougher breasts can fight off gravity better. Remember
to wear a sports bra or bra with adequate support while doing these

Step number 5: If you are trying to lose weight, do it gradually.
Try meeting with a dietician and let him or her know your worries. Losing
weight too fast can cause your breasts to lose tissue which in turn makes breast
sagging more likely to occur. While trying to lose weight, but increase breast
size, focus on strength training as well. 

Breast sagging is a natural process and is inevitable for most woman. There
are natural ways you can help prevent breast sagging and also increase breast
Try these steps and see what they can do for your breasts. 

Healthy food is important for the body, but did you know that some foods may actually help to increase breast size?  Yes, it really is true.  In fact, some are used in the ingredients that make up breast enhancement creams. A large number of women desire bigger breasts, as it makes them feel more desirable and sexy.  Good news is that you don’t have to do anything drastic to get larger breasts. 

Here are 5 foods that you can easily eat that will increase breast size over time.  Along with consuming these foods, be sure to exercise the chest area by doing push ups or bench presses to strengthen the muscles underneath the breasts.  This allows for firmer, more plump looking breasts.
Wild Yam.
Natural breast health experts assert that the wild yam has properties that
will increase breast size over time.  You can find wild yams in capsule form or
powder.  A great way to ingest it is to put it in some hot tea or mix the powder
with lotion or cream and massage into your breasts.

Known for helping keep menopausal symptoms at bay, Fenugreek increases the
production of milk for women that breastfeed. Fenugreek has been used for
centuries in the Middle East as an aid to increase breast size and is becoming
more popular in the United States today.  The ingredients, especially
phytoestrogen, help create healthy breast tissue and foster breast tissue
growth.  This allows for an increase in breast size.

This herb was originally found in Thailand, but grows quite well in many
countries now.  Also known as White KwaoKreu, Mirifica packs significant amounts
of phystoestrogens, which fosters breast tissue growth.  It also has
isoflavones, which are known for their ability to help breast tissue firm up. 
Many women that use PuerariaMirifica report seeing an increase in breast size
within a short amount of time.

Fennel has phyto-nutrients in it that are known for their ability to increase
breast size.  Women have been taking fennel for years and years to enhance their
breasts, as many report remarkable results.  The herb is natural and safe with
no side effects, which is a plus for women who are health conscious.

Saw Palmetto.
This herb has actually been found to be helpful for males with prostate
enlargement, but it began as medicine to increase breast size in women.  Saw
Palmetto helps provide support to the breast glands, which gives the breasts a
boost where needed.  Naturopathic doctors continue to suggest to women to
utilize this breast enhancement herb.

Go ahead and try these herbs out and give your breasts the boost they
deserve.  They are natural and safe, so you don’t have to worry about annoying
or dangerous side effects.  Once you start taking these herbs, you should start
seeing some results within a couple of months. Some women see an increase
sooner, but the time varies for each woman.  Rest assured that you can increase
breast size naturally and safely.

There’s really not anything wrong with having small breasts, as you get to go without wearing an uncomfortable bra, can put away any fear of sagging when you’re older, and wear plenty of shirts that big busted women can’t.  Still, many women think that having large breasts are sexy and appealing.  This is the biggest reason why they are on the lookout for easy steps to increase breast size appearance.

Can you increase breast size appearance naturally?
The answer is a resounding YES! You can increase your breast size appearance naturally and safe.  Who wants to go get a risky surgery or take a pill that might have 100 side effects when you can take a more natural approach to increasing breast size.

 One way you can make your breasts look bigger is to stand up straight and
keep your head up.  If you slouch, your breasts tend to look smaller.  Haven’t
you ever noticed muscle men who walk around tall with their pecs protruding like
a King?  They’ve got the posture down that makes them look ridiculously “studly”
in the chest area.  Likewise, women can do the same and proudly show off
whatever cup size she’s been dealt. 

Another excellent way to increase breast size appearance naturally is to take
up exercising. You have pectoral muscles underneath your breasts so if you
tighten and firm them up via exercise, your breasts will be lifted and toned,
making the appearance of your breasts much bigger.  Push ups are a great way to
exercise the pectoral muscles. If you have a hard time doing push ups, bend your
knees and let them rest on the ground, as that will make doing them

Wearing the right bra increases breast size appearance naturally
There are many different styles of bras out there, so it is important that
you get fitted for a bra that fits you correctly. Most women are wearing the
wrong size bra and it can not only affect the breast size appearance, but also
the comfort level of the bra.  Who wants to wear a tight, itchy bra all day that
doesn’t even flatter the men?

Many lingerie stores will fit you for a bra for free. Let those with
expertise fit you and get you into a bra that will maximize what you have and
maybe even give you the cleavage you’ve been dying to show off. 

Massage does wonders for increasing breast size appearance
Take time each day to give your breasts a 15 to 30 minute massage.  This will
not only feel good, but it will also increase blood flow in the breast area,
which can increase hormone production to foster breast tissue growth.  Pour some
oil into your palms and massage in a circular motion twice a day for 15 minutes

 So remember to stand tall, walk proud, and show off what you have as you go
throughout your days.  Even if your breasts are on the smaller side, there are
still ways you can increase breast size appearance naturally.


If you’re looking to increase your breast size naturally, there are various products on the market that will help and Triactol is one of them.  You don’t have to bother going to the doctor to discuss a surgery or take a pill with side effects that promises instant results.  Increasing your breast size does not have to be difficult or risky and you can easily do so with confidence.  

Triactol is one of the best tried and true products out there for natural breast enhancement. Recommended for women above the age of 21, Triactol has P.mirfica as a key ingredient that many women in Thailand have been using for many years to increase breast size. Actually, in Thailand, it is known as Mirofirm and women swear it is the fountain of youth. Other natural and safe ingredients in Triactol are coumestrol, miroestrol, and deoxymiroesrol. 

Triactol is natural and safe
Who wants nasty side effects or take the risk of ingesting some pill that
could potentially do harm to the body? I assure you that no one does. Triactol
serum has a great reputation for being natural and safe with no side effects. 
Made up of natural ingredients known for increasing breast size, many women give
positive feedback on this product around the world.  Triactol has been tested by
dermatologists and they have found it to be safe and free from harmful

Genetic makeup of Triactol
Manufactured by Smith Meyers Laboratories, Triactol is derived from a
flowering plant in a very safe and clean atmosphere.  It is important to know
that you are applying a product that has been taken from a natural environment
with great care and precision. The key ingredient is Mirofirm, which has is
similar to phystoestrogen and as such, helps firm up the breast nicely. Many
women admit that it not only helps increase breast size, but it also helps the
texture of the breast skin appear smoother. 

Triactol is easy to use
Simply apply Triactol serum to your breasts twice a day and the natural
ingredients will go to work growing breast tissue. Place a few drops into your
palm and massage gently in circular motions until it is rubbed in quite well. It
is recommended that you massage Triactol into your breast in the morning and in
the evening. You’ll be quite pleased knowing that the key ingredients are
working on your breast tissues throughout the day and night.

Along with using Triactol, consider performing exercises such as push ups to
help firm the breast area, so that you will be able to enjoy larger breasts in a
shorter amount of time. Exercise has been known to help firm up breasts and does
wonders for you mentally and physically as well. Many women report an increase
in breast size in as little as 3 weeks using Triactol, which is a remarkable
short time frame for big, beautiful breasts.

Ladies, I understand your desire to have larger breasts and I assure you that it is possible for you to increase breast size naturally and safely.  Bigger breasts tend to make women feel sexier and more appealing and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It is wonderful to know that you can achieve breast enhancement with natural products that have excellent reviews.

Here are the top 5 breast enhancement products currently being used by women
all over the world:

Naturaful Cream.
DLFK Inc., a company from Canada, manufactures Naturaful Cream, which has
been used for years and years as a breast enhancement product.  With all natural
ingredients such as Dong Quai and Kava, this cream works by balancing hormones
naturally, which over time will contribute to breasts becoming more plump and
firm. Mastogenic herbs and plant extracts are combined in this cream and they
impact the mammary gland cells, causing them to enlarge much like they do during
pregnancy. This cream is best used right after a shower. Results are typically
seen within a couple of months. 

Breast Actives.
This product is packed full of safe, natural ingredients such as Dong Quai,
Vitamin E, Fenugreek seeds, and Blessed Thistle.  The Vitamin E helps keep skin
smooth and elastic, the Dong Quai and Fenugreek seeds act like estrogen, which
fosters breast tissue growth, and Blessed Thistle provides much needed iron and
nutrients to you body. You can take Breast Actives in pill form or cream. Simply
use once per day and you will see results within three to four weeks. 

Triactol breast enhancement serum is created from safe and natural
ingredients such as P.mirfica, Miroestrol, Deoxymiroestrol, and Coumestrol.
These natural herbs have been used in Thailand for centuries to help women
increase breast size. This comes in cream form and is to be applied twice per
day for 15 minutes each day. Simply apply the cream to your palms and massage
into your breast in a circular motion. The cream and the massage stimulate
breast tissue growth and you should begin to see results in as little as three

Perfect Woman Breast Cream.
his cream has wild yam as the main ingredient and is another cream that
has been used for centuries for breast enhancement. Other herbs in the cream are
Dong Quai and Dandelion.  Using this cream stimulates breast tissue growth and
causes breasts to firm up and helps the skin to look smooth and silky.

Breast Success. 
This natural herb helps women to see breast enhancement within a short few
weeks. Breast Success uses phytoestrogens that cause breast tissue stimulation,
which helps breasts to enlarge in a safe way.  Also included in Breast Success
are other natural ingredients like wild yam, fennel seed, oat grass, and
fenugreek seed extract. It is recommended that you take three pills per day,
one with each meal.  There are no side effects and women report seeing results
in a month or two.  

These top 5 breast enhancement products are sure to make many women happier
with their ability to increase breast size. Go ahead and give one a try


Most women would love to easily increase breast size a notch or two easily and naturally.  Good news is that it is quite possible without having to undergo risky surgeries.  Many women desire big, firm breasts, as they are a sign of sex appeal and women tend to feel more confident and sexy with large breasts.

If you’re wondering how to increase breast size utilizing a healthy diet,
exercise, or natural enhancement cream, you’re about to get the best
information available concerning such.  There are easy steps to increasing
breast size right out of the comfort of your own home.

How to increase breast size with a feel good breast massage
If you know anything about Taoism, you’re probably aware that energy is
looked upon as somewhat magical.  Those that practice Taoism state that a Taoist
massage is the way to go when it comes to increasing breast size.  Simply rub
your hands together for about 5 seconds to get your energy moving, apply some
oil to your palms, and massage your breasts for 15 minutes.  Massage them in a
circular, downward way and feel the energy moving from your hands into your

You should perform the Taoist massage in the morning and again in the
evening.  As you massage your breasts, the blood in the area circulates better,
which causes phytoestrogen to flow to your breasts, which causes growth
receptors to increase.  How’s that for an easy way to increase breast

How to increase breast size doing push ups

Another way to increase breast size naturally is by doing push ups on a
continual basis. Not only do push ups make your upper body stronger, but they
help your chest muscles to become firm, which has the effect of making breasts
look bigger and more firm. This is why men love to do push ups when working on
their upper body physique; they want ripped pectoral muscles!

It is a good idea to do push ups at least 5 days a week to really develop
your muscles. As you continue with your push up regimen, you should begin to
notice an increase in breast size within a month or two.

How to increase breast size eating the right diet
If you want to increase breast size naturally utilizing a healthy diet,
consider eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of protein.  What
protein does is increase your muscle mass, which will help firm up your breasts.
Go ahead and eat meat, nuts, peanut butter, fish, and protein bars to pack in
the daily protein.  As you eat healthy and exercise doing push ups, you will not
only feel better physically, but your breasts will be on their way to increasing
in size.